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From coronaviruses that multiply rapidly indoors to fine dust and pollen whose spread is unstoppable, numerous pollutants in the air can have serious health consequences and have a negative impact on quality of life. High levels of airborne pollutants are particularly dangerous in commercial and industrial buildings, or even in medical facilities, where many people congregate in a confined space.


With the OurAir SQ 500, we provide a compact, mobile room air purifier that effectively filters the air in rooms up to 450sqft and raises the air quality to another level. With its HEPA H14* filter, it is the convenient solution for home, small commercial and industrial spaces, recreational facilities, schools, indoor air with wild fire smoke as well as other hotspots - anytime, anywhere.



  • Effectiveness with scientifically proven results
  • Most beneficial in rooms up to 450sqft
  • Fitted with individually tested H14 HEPA* filters that remove up to 99.995% of viruses, bacteria and airborne allergens
  • Whisper-quiet and energy-efficient
  • Long-term solution that filters not only coronavirus but also other viruses such as influenza
  • Auto mode setting
  • Remote control
  • Size: 17.3 x 11 x 25.6 in

Mann+Hummel Air Purifier SQ500

SKU: SQ500
C$799.00 Regular Price
C$699.00Sale Price
    • Designed for home or commercial use
    • H14 HEPA filter captures 99.995% of viruses & bacteria
    • Real-time air quality indicator with auto fan mode
    • Live temperature and humidity levels
    • Four-level fan speed
    • Filter service indicator
    • Child safety lock
    • Remote control
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