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McWinn Brantford is a licensed filtration supply & filter cleaning shop, working closely with both large and small manufacturers. We have proudly saved Ontario manufacturers Millions of dollars in Operating Costs. The McWinn's patented filter cleaning process is the best to offer for paper, spunbond, nanofiber media filters, varying in size and application types. Our industrial filter washer can be used for washable filters or parts cleaning.

We are proud to offer onsite service, new equipment, filters and our filter recycling initiative that will help our environment by limiting excess waste in our landfills. While this is beneficial to protecting our environment, we're also protecting our economy with an affordable and sustainable way of operating.

Come meet with us today so we can save you money and assist you in doing your part towards a better & cleaner future in filtration!

Wishing you well,

McWinn Brantford


For over 35 years McWinn has established a leadership position as a manufacturer and marketer of air filter cleaning equipment as well as a provider of air filter cleaning services. The company was started by Daniel Winfield in the early 1980s with a vision to develop an alternative to replacing the air filters from his construction and farming equipment with a more effective and environmentally friendly alternative. Determined to achieve this vision the McWinn dry clean process was developed and patented. The cornerstone of the McWinn process is the McWinn air filter dry cleaning machine; the machine was designed and developed to provide an effective, industrial strength, reliable solution.

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, McWinn’s patented air filter element cleaning process saves fleet and industrial equipment owners hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in replacement costs. In addition, over 1 million air filters have avoided being sent directly to landfills as a result of the McWinn air filter cleaning system.

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